“I never knew how great it can be to connect with someone on that level.”

For as long as I can remember, I had the need to please women and make them like me. As trivial as the problem may sound, I never felt comfortable just being myself. Learning from you was such a huge help. I’m really happy with just how much more at ease I feel around women now.

After our sessions, I was able to have my first relationship. It started in the most ordinary way: I saw her in the elevator of my apartment building. You taught me how to talk to everyone without a motive, so I talked to her simply because she was in the elevator with me. After running into her again, I asked her out for coffee, and we were dating a week later. I never knew how great it can be to connect with someone on that level.

I would have never started that initial conversation in the elevator if I hadn’t gotten your advice. I would have just had a nice quiet ride to my floor as usual. I wanted to take the time to say thank you, because our Skype sessions really helped me. And not just with getting my first girlfriend, but just growing as a man.

Jason S., Ann Arbor, USA

“I have learned to speak to the true beauty inside…”

I thought the difference with Lebanese women and American women would make our training in Beirut too difficult. But from the first day, Shogo showed me how easy it was to meet women everywhere, the restaurants, the mall, the beaches… We never made a plan to “look for” women. They always came to us … Our double-date we had with two of the most amazing women I have ever met is one of the most proud memories in my life.

I always worried with women because I thought other men were saying something special to them.  Shogo taught me you don’t have to say anything special to communicate with women.  I have learned to speak to the true beauty inside that does not need special words.

Spending four days with my friend Shogo… the way I connect with women and how I now see the world is transformed.  I used to be the guy that was too shy to talk with a woman even that was flirting with me. Now I’m not nervous about what am I going to say next because I’m too busy enjoying the moment 🙂 For the first time in my life I feel powerful and free…

Jad I., Beirut, Lebanon

“I call it the ‘Tao of Shogo’.”

It’s amazing what your coaching has done for my state of mind.  I’ve been having more great positive interactions with quality women than ever before in my life.  I’ve read up on A LOT of pickup and dating advice in my time, and the things we’ve been talking about are on a whole other level… Your advice has simply made a world of difference for me, and with the pressure off, I’m really connecting with women cuz I don’t have the hidden agenda in the back of my mind.

I call it the “Tao of Shogo”.  Thank you my friend, for showing me the way…

Desmond M., Toronto, Canada

“If you are NOT dating a great girl or NOT in a relationship, seriously talk to Shogo”

About 5 months ago I got on a call with Shogo and picked his brain and told him the problem I was having with meeting with women in social environments. Shogo dissected the issue and told me advice I’ll never forget.  At the next event I attended, I started chatting with women everywhere.  I conversed with one total knock out and during the event she couldn’t stop smiling at me. We exchanged numbers and she called me!!! (this had never happened in my life!)

I have since then dated several women and am now with the most incredible girl who cares and loves me so much. She’s sexy, smart, great sense of humour and very fun to be with. We both can’t wait to see what happens next.

If any guys are reading this and chasing after the girl, NOT dating a great girl or NOT in a relationship, seriously talk to Shogo. Let him get into granular detail and pick apart your situation like he did for me. The fundamental advice that he gives you could be your ticket to tremendous dating and relationship success!!

Daniel M., Birmingham, UK

“I would have never know I had it in me until I found you…”

I just wanted to share a success story: I saw a cute girl at Starbucks today.  After a few smiles and throwing in a comment like you showed me, I found her sitting on one of the couches and we talked for 30 minutes about everything from dancing to working out to cooking… I found absolutely no hesitation getting her number.  It felt so natural and easy asking to see her again and the number was a minor detail as opposed to the main event. She has already texted me asking when we are going to see each other again 🙂

I honestly would have never known I had it in me until I found you.  Thank you Shogo, I feel great!

Omar K., Palo Alto, USA

“I’ve got a British model and two other girls that are all competing for me…”

Man, this is great.  I started to do [what we emailed about], and actually now ***** wants to move from FL to CA, and she has dumped her boyfriend of two years… So yeah, things have been quite awesome.  Also, I’ve got a British model, another actress/model, and two other girls that are all competing for me, so life is great to say the least.  😀

Thank you again for doing this with me.  I have begun to use it with great success already.

J.P. D., Santa Monica, USA

“What a life changing experience it was for me.”

“Amazing to meet you in NYC!!! What a life changing experience it was for me. You are so inspirational and I really learned a ton. The big thing for me was gaining confidence in myself as you consistently advised me, I have it already and just need to believe I have it.  I don’t know how you knew that was what I needed to hear, but hearing the message from you really nailed it for me.”
Josh B., Ontario, Canada

“I am attracting a lot of women and people at the moment…”

Since our last call I’ve been on THREE dates! More than all of last year already 🙂
First I went out with the 21 years old girl. I took her to one of my “special places” … You had to watch her interaction with me, wow. I’m so happy for the “special places” exercise we did in April because now I am meeting Thursday with her, and guess what? SHE asked ME to come with her. There is some chemistry among us, no doubt about it!

Yesterday another girl sent me a message in Facebook. My response was exactly [as you taught me] and guess what? We are now meeting for some cocktails next Tuesday…

Our coaching is really paying off it’s amazing.  I am attracting a lot of women and people at the moment! 🙂 I am afraid it is more than I can handle at the moment hehehehe. And you know what? It feels good being a cool guy, people want to get around me!

Jose C., Gelsenkirchen, Germany

“I was able to open my mind and become the rock that supports my relationship”

My relationship with ****** has become the most meaningful thing in both of our lives right now. She told me over the weekend she wants me to meet her mom over Mother’s Day next month and then to fly down with her to the US at the end of the year to meet her sister. She tells me I’m a very important person in her life and we share something really special.  We can’t wait to see what will happen with both our futures…

Being in this relationship has reinforced one important thing for me is that you have to show humility and take responsibility for your actions. It is because of your insights and guidance that I was able to open my mind and become the rock that supports this relationship.

Derek W., Toronto, Canada

Thank you Shogo for helping me change my life forever!!!!! I’ve never appreciated someone I’ve never met so much before, except for the inventor of yoga pants.

John W, Chicago, USA

“I no longer feel anxiety when I first meet anyone or on dates–I’m just my charming self.”

My relationship life has been very eventful. I went out on a lot of dates with girls I met online and in person. It’s great because I no longer feel anxiety when I first meet anyone or when I’m on dates–I’m just my charming self. I went out on five dates in a week. I made great connections as friends and potential dating interests.

The last girl I went out with was *******, she’s on my Facebook if you want to check her out. Things went great with her. We both want the same things and just really connected, and now we are in a relationship! Overall I couldn’t be happier with where we are at.

I realized over the past few months I was relying on the people I date to make me happy and that’s why my relationships were failing.  With our remaining sessions I would like to focus more on how to live life and just be happy, how to create a positive life philosophy, things of that nature.

Aaron T., Virginia Beach, USA

“I got a message from a girl before I was even finished making your recommended profile changes!”

I had always really liked the idea of online dating, but I could never quite figure it out. I’m so glad I reached out to you.

I started updating my profile based on your awesome suggestions, and I got a message from a girl before I was even finished making your recommended changes! Within the first week I had set up three dates. You made it simple too. I always easily comprehended your “real world” concepts, and what you’ve helped me do with my profile was an easy way to communicate my real-world self in a way that’s attractive to women in an online format.

Seriously — Thanks so much!

Anthony C., New York City, USA

“I just got this girl to cum for me by text!!”

Hey Shogo, I have been having amazing luck with women dude! Our talk helped me so much.

I’ve been open to so many people about my foot fetish! The girls are all for it.

I just got this girl to cum for me by text!!  Never thought this would happen to me!

Seriously I owe you guys everything…

Danny W., Philadelphia, USA

“My life started to go from ‘awesome’ to ‘freakin’ awesome’…”

I GOT IT! Something in my head made “click” a few weeks ago and everything started to become amazing! Wohoo, it’s unbelieveable!

I decided not to care about the excuse any more. And that was where my life started to go from “awesome” to “freakin’ awesome”.

That story you told me about how you told your mom how you spilled oil on her bedroom floor while masturbating had always fascinated me. It was so honest and you didn’t care.  I had told people some big, big lies. I really wanted to tell them the truth, but I never did.

Thanks to you, I had the power to not care about this reasons holding me back and made the most scary, nerve-racking phone call I ever had. That phone call was actually the scariest thing and biggest step out of my comfort zone I did in my entire life… But it was thanks to you that I did it, and it had a really deep effect on my life. I feel like I have cleaned up my past. And, most important, I now understand that I have only me to blame for the things I do or don’t do. And I understand that I have the power to change my life in any way I want.

But at least equally important is that I try to walk through the world the way I learned from you. Some day I will describe to you my stories in person, how I made the girl at 7-Eleven fall go the ground with just one smile, how I approached a group of 20 American girls and got them all engaged, how I flirted with the cutest woman of the University, how my presence changes the atmosphere of my faculty’s food center.

You remember when I gave (the flower) to the girl, I was so nervous. My hand shaked. And afterwards I ran away (l really ran).

You know what? I have come back the end of the year to do that again. Today I bought a rose and gave it go the most beautiful girl I could see. It was so effortless and easy. I looked deep in the girl’s eyes and told her with a calm, strong voice something like: “I don’t know you. I have never met you before and I think I will never meet you again. But I want to give you this rose to make you happy.” And I gave it to her with a confident smile and slowly walked away.

This is awesome, Shogo! I finally made it!

Lars B., Hamburg, Germany

I never, NEVER, would’ve talked to either of the two girls before working with you.

I just wanted to share. I never, NEVER, would’ve talked to either of the two girls before working with you. I would’ve pussied out 2 times in one day and beat myself up for not talking to girls. Even if I had gotten enough courage to speak with them, I surely wouldn’t have conversed as well and been as memorable/charming as I was.

I never would’ve made a sound on a crowded street much less yell a random girl’s name. In my head, the people would’ve crucified me on the spot and took turns laughing at me. But now, the tables have turned. This is my street now.

T. Lee, New York City, USA

This was the best investment ever.

I am LOVING the Program. Everything in there makes sense to me and nothing feels forced.

I prefer to be late for work than to skip [the exercises], honestly! I have had so many realizations, and it really helps me to recap my life. I have discovered how much art and creativity is inside of me, and I have discovered what I can be really passionate about. I’ve signed up for a singing class, and it feels great. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do!! I have really began to see myself, and really connect with myself.

I had a realization about honesty: that being honest doesn’t mean being blunt to people, but rather being vulnerable and sharing – honesty is a value very high in my hierarchy, and I discovered that I no longer scare people away as I did in the past because I was trying to be honest instead of simply letting it happen 😉

The most important thing is that I no longer think in terms of competing – I am what I am. Like me or not, but this is my truth! It is the best feeling in the world!

I have talked to so many people and made some new friends. I discovered that it’s the easiest to talk to people when I am spontaneous. Being in my head blocks me, and now this no longer happens to me on dates… I could get into my head and become pretty tight up. I’ve got invited to parties where I could become more open.

[Week 3] was amazing. I had some spectacular interactions that I could write you for hours about!  I felt great, talked to people and felt so free and open being a big curious child.

This was the best investment ever.

Stefan S., Krakow, Poland

“I had to TRY to remember how to be nervous with woman when vibing with a hottie from the gym…”

Thank you. It is all I can say. Seriously I learnt so much and not only about women but life overall.

On my way back I realized that I’ve already started conversations spontaneously immediately and as a result a hot girl at the Starbucks in Heathrow was really into me. It is so simple but so hard to figure out…

Something really clicked in my head. It’s hard to put into words but I think you know what I’m talking about. Yesterday I had to TRY to remember how to be nervous with woman when vibing with a twenty-year-old hottie from the gym…

Thank you so much!

This is fucking amazing!

Now is no time for bullshit. So seriously from the bottom of my heart. These are all the words I can say: Thank you. You have no idea what you have done to my life.

I’m Fucking Alive!!!

I love you man!

Harri V., Helsinki, Finland