How to Stay Present in Conversation

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How To Stay Present In Conversation

Does your mind wander when you’re in conversation? Do you get stuck in your head, thinking about the next thing to say? Worrying about the last thing you said?

Whenever we worry about how we are coming across to others in conversation, our minds run frantic. We try to think of what to say next, we think about the last thing we said, we worry if the conversation is running smoothly.

In all our worries, we miss every moment at hand as the conversation unfolds, and we miss any connection we could have had. As the conversation is in a perpetual state of unfolding in the present moment, our minds feel trapped on a linear path of time, not knowing where to focus or where to rest.

We lose the ability to listen, speak, think clearly… In short, we lose the ability to enjoy the beauty of the moment as it unfolds.

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