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“Imaginary Men”

Imaginary Men Collage
In this collaborative audio program, six men’s coaches and internet personalities share their embarrassing mistakes, surprising lessons, and powerful breakthroughs in a deeply-honest conversation about personal challenges, women, and relationships.

Featuring Steve Pavlina, Shogo Garcia, Morten Hake, Knut Johannessen, Gold Jacket Luke and Freddy Fairhair.

“Your Attractive Self: Modern Wisdom for the Single Man”

In his cornerstone book for single men, Shogo Garcia distills age-old wisdom to make sense of modern problems: communication, confidence, romance, and relationships.

Coming soon…

“Phone Number to First Date”

So you’ve got her phone number… should you call her or text her?
What should you say? Where should take her? How about the first kiss? And getting a second date?

In this E-Book & Audio Program, learn how to seamlessly get her phone number and take her on that amazing, mindblowing first date!

Recommended Reading

Drawing from a wide range of philosophy, fiction, sacred texts, personal development, and poetry, this is an introduction to my favorite thinkers and the works that have greatly enriched my life.