Personal Services

I don’t give dating advice.

I help you become the most connected, confident, and attractive person that you’ve ever been in your life.

Tips and advice are helpful, but what’s most important in your journey is taking REAL action toward the experiences that you desire. What motivates me more than anything is knowing that you are experiencing life on a more inspired and engaged level than you’ve ever thought possible.

Why do I care so much about your growth?

Because when you grow as a man, I grow as a man.  That’s the way it works, and that’s what working with me is all about.

With me on your side, we take powerful action to ensure that you:

  • Develop a lifestyle that brings out your most attractive and compelling personality
  • Overcome the fears and hesitations that are preventing you from truly connecting with the women in your life
  • Gain the clarity and confidence you need to communicate directly from the heart

When you work with me, you are making an investment in yourself. I appreciate that you are placing your trust in me. Whichever service you choose, you can find comfort in knowing that I am 100% committed to your growth as an attractive, confident man.

We are in this together,

Personal Services

Phone & Skype Consulting

Girls Venice Beach squareInstant clarity. Immediate action. Powerful results. Coaching and consulting packages by the hour help you find clear answers to your most urgent questions, and grow the strength to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back in your personal life.

The 10-Week Program

A journey that will enrich and empower your life forever. We work closely together for 10 weeks to develop a mindset and a lifestyle that naturally attracts amazing women into your life.

The Immersion Program

NYC Bootcamp WitzThe 10-Week Program + Private Weekend Intensive The Immersion Program provides you with the foundation of the 10-Week Program, anchored by a 3-day private weekend intensive to overcome your biggest limitations and obstacles…live and in-person for your most powerful personal transformation.

The Residency Program

LA Bootcamp ReyComplete lifestyle transformation. Two full weeks of personalized live-in training, plus Skype and e-mail support for one year.
Limited to two clients per year. (Closed for 2014)

The Social Generation Guarantee

“If I can’t help you, you don’t pay me.”

That’s my policy. When we work together, I am 100% committed to your growth into becoming a powerful, confident man. That’s the standard I hold myself to, and I expect you to hold yourself to the same. If you don’t make progress that you’re proud of within 90 days of our final session, I will refund your entire payment.