How to Create Connection of the Heart

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How To Create a Heart Connection

This is Part 2 of How to Have Present Moment Connections. (Watch Part 1, How to Stay Present in Conversation, here.)

So much of our daily lives revolves around using the mind and our mental process to communicate who we are and put our lives into order. In order to truly experience a moment with another person, however, we have to let go of the process of thinking and get more into the process of feeling.

One Response to “How to Create Connection of the Heart”

  1. Cole

    Hey man, I’d just like to say great video. As someone who has read a little about the mind & ego vs living in the present moment, it really hit home for me. I know I tend to get way to intellectual and over think my interactions, especially when their with people I want to make a good impression on.
    My only advice, is for some viewers this might seem a little too theoretical and they might not be able to relate. Maybe not, just a thought!
    Thanks again