• Embrace the Highs and Lows of Life

    Embracing the Highs and Lows in Life

    In all our anticipation for those “juicy moments” in life to happen, we often forget (or sometimes don’t even don’t realize) that we spend most of our time living in waiting and in anticipation, and very little time in actual enjoyment.

  • How To Create a Heart Connection

    How to Create Connection of the Heart

    In order to truly experience a moment with another person, we have to let go of the process of thinking and get more into the process of feeling.

  • How To Stay Present In Conversation

    How to Stay Present in Conversation

    Does your mind wander when you’re in conversation? Do you get stuck in your head, thinking about the next thing to say? Worrying about the last thing you said?

  • Become More Interesting In Conversation

    How To Become a More Interesting Person

    In order to hold more interesting and inspired conversations, what matters most is how we engage with the information that passes through us.

  • Are Bars and Clubs good for meeting women?

    Should I Meet Women in Bars and Clubs?

    Bars and clubs are great for some guys to meet women, but can be a complete nightmare for others.

    Do you know which type you are?

  • Understand You Sexual Desires

    Understanding Sexual Desire and Sexual Thought

    Often we view our sexual energy and our sexual desire as something that must be controlled and overcome if we want to connect with the opposite sex. After all, “What will they think if we let out our TRUE sexual desires and thoughts?

  • How to ask the big questions in dating

    Asking the Important Questions

    How inspired are you in your dating life?

    What are your concerns? What do you think about? Where could you improve?

    We often get so concerned with the little questions that we overlook one simple thing: As you think, so shall you be.

  • How to get rid of approach anxiety

    End Approach Anxiety with Your Thoughts

    To get rid of “approach anxiety”, understand where it’s coming from and why you are making it up.

    When you understand HOW your mind operates, you can use the same power of mind to dissolve approach anxiety.

  • Confidence or truth: what is attractive to women

    Confidence vs Truth: What Is Attractive to Women?

    This video captures part of a discussion I had over what the terms “truth” and “confidence” mean, how they are related, and how to better understand the way they play out in our lives.

  • How To Write Text Messages

    What If She Doesn’t Text Back?

    So you’ve got her phone number…

    Now you’ve texted her something spontaneous and witty… but she didn’t respond!

    You wait for a response. And wait.

    She hasn’t texted you back. Now what?

  • dont-af

    Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

    Shogo explains what rejection really means, and why it’s pointless to not only be afraid of getting rejected by a woman, but how it is actually GOOD for a successful and healthy dating and social life.

  • vid3

    Body Language: Is She Attracted To You?

    What are the signs that a woman is attracted to you? What is the right body language? Does body language matter?

  • Text message a girl

    How To Write A Great Text Message

    There’s no need stare at your phone endlessly, constantly revising and searching for just the right words to text a woman.

    The anxiety is all in your head.

    In this video I explain where you are caught up and why you are doubting yourself, along with a few easy guidelines on how to write a text message to someone you just met.

  • Facebook Dating

    How to Ask a Girl Out On Facebook

    Do you have a Facebook crush? Did you want to ask out that girl you met at the party but you didn’t get her phone number? How should you contact her? When should you contact her? What message should you send? No need to agonize over the right thing to write. Here’s exactly how to… Read more »

  • Become-an-Amazing-Conversationalist

    Become a Great Conversationalist

    Do your conversations constantly fall flat because all do is ask the boring and dull questions? It’s all in the power of your own self-belief. Self-belief can be extremely empowering if you harness it effectively, but it can also be the most crippling force behind how we act around and communicate with other people. Watch… Read more »

  • have-fun

    How To Have Fun and Exciting Conversations

    Do you find your conversations with the opposite sex tend to be dull and boring? Are you stuck in a rut when you try to strike up new conversations, especially with women? Find out why this is happening and learn what you can start implementing to change this recurring behavior. You may be surprised at… Read more »