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The Social Generation guides you on a clear path of developing your most naturally attractive personality and becoming more attractive to the people in your life.

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“Shogo is the best-kept secret in today’s world of dating advice.”
- David Wygant, dating expert and inspiration for the movie "Hitch"


The Social Generation guides men who are single, dating, and in relationships toward discovering their most attractive personalities and becoming naturally more attractive to the women in their lives.

Shogo Garcia, the founder of The Social Generation, is an internationally-experienced coach, writer, and speaker. His one-of-a-kind insights and trusted coaching abilities have helped clients around the world make profound breakthroughs in their lives to confidently communicate from the heart and cultivate real and intimate connections with the women in their lives.

What Clients Are Saying...

  • [I] am now with the most incredible girl who cares and loves me so much. She's sexy, smart, great sense of humour and very fun to be with. We both can't wait to see what happens next ... If any guys are reading this and chasing after the girl, NOT dating a great girl or NOT in a relationship, seriously talk to Shogo.

    Daniel M., Birmingham, UK

  • I always worried with women because I thought other men were saying something special to them. Shogo taught me you don’t have to say anything special to communicate with women. I have learned to speak to the true beauty inside that does not need special words.

    Jad I., Beirut, Lebanon

  • After our sessions, I was able to have my first relationship. I never knew how great it can be to connect with someone on that level. I would have never started that initial conversation in the elevator if I hadn’t gotten your advice. I wanted to take the time to say thank you, because our sessions really helped me. And not just with getting my girlfriend, but just growing as a man.

    Jason S., Ann Arbor, USA

  • I’ve read A LOT of pickup and dating advice in my time, and the things we’ve been talking about are on a whole 'nother level… I call it 'The Tao of Shogo.' Thank you my friend, for showing me the way.

    Desmond M., Toronto, Canada

  • Thank you Shogo for helping me change my life forever!!!!! I’ve never appreciated someone I've never met so much before, except for the inventor of yoga pants.

    John W., Chicago, USA

  • Seriously from the bottom of my heart. These are all the words I can say: Thank you. You have no idea what you have done to my life... I learnt so much and not only about women but life overall.  It’s hard to put into words but I think you know what I’m talking about. I’m Fucking Alive!!!

    I love you man!
    Harri V., Helsinki, Finland

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June Personal Services San Francisco, USA
Vancouver, CAN
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New York, USA
August Personal Services London, UK
Frankfurt, GER
September Personal Services Bucharest, RO
October Personal Services Bucharest, RO
San Francisco, USA

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  • Embrace the Highs and Lows of Life

    Embracing the Highs and Lows in Life

    In all our anticipation for those “juicy moments” in life to happen, we often forget (or sometimes don’t even don’t realize) that we spend most of our time living in waiting and in anticipation, and very little time in actual enjoyment.

  • How To Create a Heart Connection

    How to Create Connection of the Heart

    In order to truly experience a moment with another person, we have to let go of the process of thinking and get more into the process of feeling.

  • How To Stay Present In Conversation

    How to Stay Present in Conversation

    Does your mind wander when you’re in conversation? Do you get stuck in your head, thinking about the next thing to say? Worrying about the last thing you said?

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